My Pantry

Sunday, July 3, 2011

With my blooming interest in city homemaking, my pantry has become a great source of inspiration.

I had always liked my pantry and the storage space it provided in our small city condo in a century-old Victorian building. But now I adore my pantry. I love that in place of store-bought bread are bags of bread flour; that in place of boxed cereals are jars of oatmeal; that in place of jars of pasta sauce are baskets of fresh tomatoes ready to be blanched.

Natural homemaking is probably second-nature to many moms, but for me it's been a deliberate and empowering migration from viewing my household as a consumption unit to a production unit. It may have started for me with cloth diapers when J was an infant, but it really took off after A's homebirth and an astounding realization of what is truly possible to accomplish within our homes.


  1. Oh Kerry! You said it just perfectly.

    Just like you,it was my switch to cloth diapers and my first homebirth that truly gave me a kick in the pants to become a more natural homemaker.

    Flour and oatmeal and tomatoes.....ooooooh, my! It sounds wonderful! Your pantry is beautiful.

    Yes, yes to city homemaking! We don't have to have farms to live more deliberatily and naturally.

  2. Thanks, Patti. It's nice to hear that other moms have found cloth diapering and homebirthing to be the gateways to more natural homemaking! -Kerry