Sibling Attachment

Friday, October 28, 2011

In our early days of joining our local homeschooling community, experienced homeschooling parents hinted at how closely bonded their kids were to each other. At the time, my little ones were much too little for me to really recognize this attachment, but now as they have gotten older I see their closeness deepen. They certainly have their moments of jousting and bickering, but being together all day every day creates a magical bond that enhances their play and improves their interpersonal communication.

Seeing this sibling attachment flourish is one of the most appealing effects of homeschooling. For us, homeschooling is all about focusing on family as the centerpiece of our lives, and watching our children deepen their relationships with each other each day reinforces why we chose this path.


  1. Oh, I couldn't agree more. How sad that siblings have to grow up APART from each other in separate classroom in schools! I have noticed too that my children have such compassion for each other and that they share jokes and games in ways that no one else could understand. For them to grow up and be close as adults will surely be the diamond in my parenting crown!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Patti. Like you, I really think that keeping siblings together to foster a life-long bond is a gift we parents can give to our kids, and I feel lucky that homeschooling provides this special opportunity for close sibling attachment. -Kerry