Take the Bus

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We have been on a bus kick lately. While we greatly rely on public transportation in general, I am loving our city bus system even more than usual recently. I think part of it is that we are at a nice spot age-wise now where my five-year-old is fairly self-sufficient on the bus, I don't need to lug a stroller for my two-year-old, and my 10-month-old is still content to be carried in the Ergo. I think also as the weather becomes cooler and more variable, we are increasingly drawn to museums and other indoor spaces on easy bus routes. And the kids absolutely adore the bus as an integral part of our city adventures. In fact, the journey--watching the fascinating people and places we see from the bus--is often more interesting than the destination itself.

My neighbor told me about a great iPhone application called "Catch the Bus," which uses real-time GPS to let riders know when the bus will arrive at various stops, rather than relying on bus schedules. There are also similar apps for other devices. This is very helpful for city parents who don't want to be lingering outside with little ones for too long!

City parents: How do you rely on your city bus and subway system for your city homeschooling?


  1. We are car-free and rely on public transportation (and our feet) for everything. Luckily the city is full of many homeschooling activities and cultural spots that are easily accessible without a car.

  2. Thanks for visiting, BosMama! Yes, city homeschoolers are fortunate to have many activities and destinations close by and convenient. We rarely use our car and depend upon public transportation for getting around, particularly in cooler weather when we can't walk as easily. -Kerry

  3. Perfect timing for this post! We love the bus. Even yesterday when we got soaked in the rain it was still an adventure. I love how my girls are always meeting new people and talking to them. And I find most people to be so kind and helpful. Even when the girls are all acting out, mostly people are just helpful and sympathetic. It's such a wonderful and authentic place for the girls to learn manners, and how to interact kindly (but safely) with strangers. My only complaint is that some buses have the worst schedules, or always run off schedule and we're left waiting in the rain for 20 minutes.

  4. Cantabrigimom - thanks for visiting and commenting! I just updated the post above to include a link to a great application, "Catch the Bus," that uses GPS technology to let riders know exactly when the bus will arrive! This is very helpful, particularly because there have been numerous times when we have been waiting for the bus for awhile, then need to go find a potty, and then go back to waiting! Ah, the benefits of modern technology!