Weekend Simplicity

Sunday, November 13, 2011

There might come a time when our kids' passions for a particular sport or activity may consume our weekends, but for now weekends here are simple. Nothing structured, mostly out-of-doors, and focused on exploring nature and the city, weekends are a time for us to connect and replenish. While not structured, weekends certainly are full. Hours spent leaf-jumping, nest-building, learning and connecting keep us busy.

With Daddy's long consulting hours and travel, our weekends are devoted entirely to family. There are temptations--intriguing classes or activities for the kids that could lure us and distract us from our treasured family time--so we strive to stay focused on centering our weekends around family.

Simple, full, family weekends. Pure joy.


  1. lovely post! Love the last photo.."pure joy" for sure:) Barefoot mama

  2. Barefoot Mama - Thanks for visiting and commenting!