Springtime Measurements

Thursday, May 17, 2012

After a couple of dreary days this week, the kids and I awoke early and hit the road to my family's summer cottage to spend the day in the sunshine digging and building, finding and collecting, wandering and imagining by lake and sea.

There is something special about returning to the places that fill our days in the warmer months. Neglected since last fall, these spots take on new meaning, vividly measuring all the growing that took place while the northern earth slept. A five-year-old, a three-year-old, a one-year-old--so much bigger than they were in October, so much more that they can now do, and learn, and think about. And yet, they are still so little, so very much immersed in the important and temporary job of childhood.

Returning to these familiar spaces, the beaches and trails off Cape Cod, after a seasonal hiatus reminds me to take note of springtime measurements, to acknowledge just how quickly my children grow, how quickly they will arrive at adulthood, and how important it is to provide and protect the freedom for their vital childhood work--all that digging, and discovering, and dreaming.


  1. We were at the Botanical Gardens in Boothbay all day today. What a way to enjoy a day! Your time on Cape Cod looks wonderful!

    1. I have heard great things about those Botanical Gardens and hope we can make a visit there sometime soon!