An Unschooling Monday

Monday, May 21, 2012

This week, I thought I would share with you what our "unschooling life" looks like each day. I am not sure what the week will bring, but I *think* it will be fairly typical.  I hope it will offer a glimpse into how we live and learn each day.  What does your homeschooling week look like?

Our Monday began with our weekly park day sponsored by one of our local homeschool groups.  Children of all ages invented games together, ran through the fields, climbed on the playground structures, and were immersed in childhood play.

After lunch, quiet time, and reading while my littlest one napped, my five-year-old painted in the small backyard of our condo building, and my three-year-old helped me to get a head-start on dinner preparations.

In the afternoon, my one-year-old awoke and we took a bike/scooter/sling ride to the nearby library grounds, with a stop at the children's room to stock up on library books.

Auntie and Uncle, who gratefully live just a few blocks away from us here in the city, joined us at the library park and returned home with us for a yummy family dinner and evening stories.  Their presence and proximity in our lives are cherished, especially with Daddy's long consulting hours and weekly travel.

My two little ones fell asleep and my oldest and I finished a chapter book in bed, with her beginning another one herself just before dozing off.

Tell me about your Monday!


  1. It is wonderful to have supportive, connected family close by...I am fortunate to have both of my parents living within a half hour from Brunswick. My Monday involved helping with Kindergarten screening for the local schools today, tap class after school for my middle child, dinner, me mowing the lawn while the kids created a village in our driveway using chalk and some items destined for Goodwill, then pjs and story time. I used to read to all three kids at once, but have started reading individually, which allows for a greater connection to be made with each child alone. I wish I was homeschooling/eclectic schooling! So happy to have found your blog!

    1. Jk, sounds like a great day! So great to hear you live around Brunswick. I spent my college days in that lovely area and enjoy visiting when I can. So glad to have you here!