Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Solstice Months

My two favorite months are June and December.  Short shadows, long shadows, short nights, long nights, these seemingly opposite months are both filled with anticipation and joy.  There is the anticipation of new seasons and the sledding or swimming adventures each one promises, and there is the joy of celebrating time with family and friends, whether nestled in a cozy home or running barefoot in the grass while the light lingers long into the evening.

I am also reminded of the other characteristics these solstice months share, like visiting the Christmas Tree farm to pick our holiday tree, or visiting the fruit farm to pick our own strawberries; spending time in the kitchen preparing our favorite holiday foods or wading through all those leafy, luscious greens that first burst from the ground; bringing light to our home through holiday decorations and winter solstice candles, or opening the windows wide and playing outside in the post-bedtime brightness.

Two favorite months, both honoring light, family, food, and celebration, and all the possibility that a new season brings.

Happy June!


  1. this is lovely, kerry. i've never thought about it in this way before, but you articulate the feeling so well. the beginning of summer is so promising. baseball and fireflies, lemonade and sticky watermelon....i want to savor it all!

  2. Thanks so much, B! So nice to hear that this post resonated with you.