Tuesday, August 21, 2012

But what if they want to go to school?

This question, usually prompted by a well-meaning great-grandmother, always slightly baffles me.  Now, I guess I can see the logic that if we are, indeed, a child-centered family, following the lead of our children, then we should in fact send them to school if they want to go.  My response, though, is that being a child-centered family does not in any way mean that the children run the show.

What if our children want to watch television all day?  What if they want to eat junk food all day?  What if they want to act discourteous, throw and hit?  We don't let them.  And what about all those kids who don't want to return to school this fall?  Should their parents not send them?  It's a parent's job, our responsibility, to do what we think is best for our children and our family.  For some families, that means sending kids to school and for others it means homeschooling.

In truth, my children show no desire to attend school.  They have a large group of homeschooled friends and have been immersed in our local homeschooling community since toddlerhood.  They also have many friends and neighbors who attend private and public schools. In their eyes, the world is a wonderfully diverse place with lots of different types of "school."


  1. RIGHT ON!!! This is the absolute best response I've ever come across!!! GREAT post, thank you!

    - Maritza

  2. If my daughter ever expresses a real desire to attend school, I'll certainly hear her out on her reasons before just saying no. If she can present a good case for it, then I'd consider it. She did ask a couple of times last year but it became clear that the reason she wanted to go is because I gave her a challenge that she didn't feel like tackling at the moment.

  3. Awesome response. I shall use it.