Friday, August 17, 2012

The Home Is A Powerful Place

The home is a powerful place.  It is a place where birthing, growing, learning, feeding, healing, loving, living and dying can occur with authenticity and respect.  It is a place where we can celebrate grand milestones and appreciate mundane moments.  It is a place where we can accomplish both the ordinary and the extraordinary: a place to peel an onion and welcome a new life, to clean a counter and comfort a child.

The home is a powerful place.  We can produce amazing things in our homes: wholesome meals, clean diapers, knitted socks, healing remedies, fresh-baked goodies, gardens big or small, pantries stocked with summertime preserves.  Within our homes we can produce our family's own music and art, entertainment and enrichment.  

The home is a powerful place.  Within our homes we can ignite our children's imagination, cherish their original spirit and style, follow their lead as they learn and grow.  Within our homes we can help our children discover their innate gifts and true passions.  Within our homes we can nurture meaningful family connections and enduring sibling relationships.

The home is a powerful place.  Within our homes we welcome friends and neighbors, fostering community and collaboration.  Within our homes we read and learn, talk and listen, wonder and act.  

The home is a powerful place.


  1. Love this post Kerry! Just beautiful!

  2. LOVE this post!

    I have a pic of cloth diapers on our clothes line. It makes me smile.

  3. Simple and beautiful. Thanks for sharing. You made me smile.