A Vermont Retreat

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Over the past year, we have been trying to reconcile our passion for the city--its dynamism and abundant resources—with our adoration of the quiet countryside—its forests, farms, and fields. We wondered if we could have a small slice of both. We wanted to retain the ease, efficiency, and sense of community inherent in compact urban living, while also enjoying a patch of grass and woods in the country.

We recently purchased a little home up north of us in Vermont, and the past several weeks have been busy with all that goes along with a new sale. It is a place where we can connect intimately with nature and enjoy miles of conservation land, a place where the kids can roam freely and explore the natural world in a direct and personal way, a place where we can become more deeply in tune with New England's dramatic seasonal changes and the opportunities each provides. Unhindered by school schedules and related commitments, we plan on splitting our time between city and country throughout the year, savoring the opposite gifts that both places provide.

In addition to the many opportunities for four seasons of fun that the Vermont retreat offers, the town is also located in an area with an active and vibrant homeschooling community, taking advantage of many nearby cultural, educational, and natural resources. We have connected with the local homeschooling network and look forward to nurturing friendships with a whole new group of homeschooling families.

We are so excited about this new adventure, our opportunity to be both city mouse and country mouse, to be at home in both spots, and to share the scenes of each in this space.


  1. Kerry that is so exciting! I have been begging Dave for years for us to be able to move to VT! I would love to hear more about the town you are buying a house in! Maybe one of these years we'll finally move (or at least follow your lead and buy a small home away from home up there)! Enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Shel! I agree that Vermont is such a great place. We chose the Upper Valley for lots of reasons, including its active homeschooling community that draws homeschoolers from the surrounding towns of NH and VT with lots of activities offered at local venues in the area. Hope all is well with you and your gang! -Kerry

  2. Kerry,
    Vermont is so beautiful, I'm sure you and your family
    will love it but I do hope we can see you at the lake too!

    1. Thanks, Barbara! Oh yes, we'll still visit the lake for sure!