Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Mama Blessing

Today I had some time to flip through the lovely pages of the latest Taproot Magazine issue. As usual, it is both beautiful and inspiring, but the words of one article in particular by Erin Ellenberger-March floated through my mind all morning. She writes: "...I believe a woman's power lies in her gentleness. This isn't to say that we can't be fierce and brave, strong and independent. It simply means that we have been given the important work of being both a place of comfort and strength…"

A place of comfort and strength.

It was with the echo of these words that my daughters and I joined two dear friends this morning as they hosted an intimate "Mama Blessing" celebration for me and my babe-to-be. It was very special, being surrounded by such gentle and wise women and our daughters, reminding ourselves within a circle of candlelight of the women in our families who have inspired and shaped us. As these friends shared their blessings for me and my birth, filling me up with so many precious thoughts, those printed words came flooding back:

A place of comfort and strength.

These women showed that power, that gentleness, revealing just exactly how women can be both a place of comfort and strength for the people around them. 

This is something I will take with me, as I make a fourth run at this motherhood gig. I will try to remember, during those most challenging mothering times, that my power lies in my gentleness; that I am both a place of comfort and strength for my children, for my family, for my friends.

A place of comfort and strength.

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