A Plastic-Free House

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Now that the new city house has walls and ceilings (yay!), and the timeline for moving in shifts from months to weeks, I am taking steps to shed the remaining plastic from our lives. 

Most plastic toys went into the recycle bin years ago, and I have tried to opt for natural materials whenever possible, but that darn plastic has a way of creeping so easily into our lives, doesn't it? I figure this (final) move grants me a great opportunity to eliminate as much plastic as possible, leaving it behind in the rental home's recycle bin or donated locally. As I start to organize boxes and create piles of things to pack and things to purge, I am keeping a watchful eye on that pesky plastic. 

I recently stumbled upon a fabulous website that has me thinking more seriously about eliminating plastic from my home. Life Without Plastic has interesting and useful products that offer durable, worthwhile alternatives to plastic. While I haven't yet made the leap to wooden toothbrushes (how cool is that!), I did purchase the stainless steel smoothie straws and some other items that will be welcome substitutes to the reusable plastic ones we had.

Beyond that, I think attaining a plastic-free house requires continued thought, persistent reminding, and occasional extermination. Plastic is everywhere. But it doesn't have to be.


  1. A worthy goal. It is amazing how easily plastic slips into our lives! And even glass containers can have plastic tops! And what about the plastic our food is packaged in? It can get confusing knowing what's ok to have and what we should be vigilant about. I like the idea of purging as you enter a new home :) Here is a link for a website I've used. They have stainless steel Popsicle molds!

    1. Thanks, Leigh! Can you re-send the link? It didn't come through.

  2. Have you found a good alternative for storage containers? Not food storage - I have that covered with mason jars and vintage Pyrex refrigerator containers - but off-season clothes and memorabilia and other things that live in the attic in big plastic storage totes. I suppose I could go back to the old-fashioned cardboard box, but the totes do hold up better (especially if they get damp!). That's just about the only thing I haven't been able to find a non-plastic alternative for... xo

  3. Meghann, I am so impressed that all you have left for plastic in your house is basement storage totes! I would love to hear more about your plastic-elimination strategies! I am still thinking about basement storage. I have an heirloom cedar-lined chest that holds some items, but I still have those plastic totes too. Let me know if you think of good alternatives! -Kerry