The Sunday Times

Monday, June 9, 2014

Growing up I vividly remember the Sunday paper. I would open the back door a crack and know, simply by smell, whether or not the paper had been delivered. Thick and smooth and wrapped neatly in a blanket of colorful comics, the Boston Sunday Globe was a mainstay in our family.

Which got me to thinking that in today's digital age when news and information are quickly at our fingertips, we rarely have a newspaper in our home. I decided we should change that. The children--and grown-ups--should enjoy holding a real newspaper, instead of only relying on its online counterpart.

We now get Sunday delivery of The New York Times. While not laden in comics, I feel the same anticipation of its weekly arrival as I did when the Sunday paper came to my childhood home. And sure enough, there is bound to be a little something for everyone in each paper. A newspaper, while perhaps on its way to becoming an artifact, offers children a glimpse into the wider world and can be an important tool for learning and discovery.

I'm glad the Sunday paper is back in my home, for all of us to enjoy.

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  1. Ok you just gave me the extra push I needed. I was thinking recently of subcribing to the Globe or New York Times. I have memories of my family members picking up the paper and later in high school I would do the same. The digital at news in your hand is convenient but there is something more nostalgic about feeling a newspaper in my hands while sipping coffee. Same goes for that thrill when a favorite magazine comes in the mail