Monday, July 21, 2014

It was only fitting that we began our month in Vermont at the Solstice with strawberry picking, and ended the month at the same farm with blueberrying.

And now, back in the city, we are spending this week moving into our new city house

Truthfully, at the moment this process seems a bit like performing open heart surgery on someone currently running a marathon. But I am trying to stay calm, let things go, and remember to appreciate all the joy of this week.

Wishing you a full and joyful week, too!


  1. What an exciting time! Congrats on being in the new city house! I'm sure ya'll will have it filled with many wonderful memories in no time!

    And as always we are on the same season rhythm! :)

    Have a fabulous week! xo

    1. Thanks Shel! Yes, we are always on the same rhythm!